Saying Goodbye is Never Easy

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

 So I want to apologize I haven't posted in a few days. I recently lost someone very dear to me and my family over the weekend. So I want this post to be a small dedication to my Great Nana.

On February 9th I received a call from my mom letting me know that My Great Nana had only 3 months to live. Although this is all very upsetting news she was 97 years old and lived a wonderful, long, and fulfilling life. Last weekend my family was going to my aunts house to say there goodbyes on Saturday. I left to drive up to see her on Sunday, but instead woke up with a phone call saying she passed at midnight. So since I was unable to hold her hand for the last time and tell her how much I loved her, I have dedicated this song to her. Although they may not have the Internet in heaven I hope she is watching over me and sees my efforts in trying to say goodbye in my own way.

Until we meet again Sweet Nana...We will celebrate your life with smiling every time we think of you and hold you in our hearts for all eternity. May you rest in peace.
Married to one man her whole life and had 3 wonderful kids. She was very loved and will be forever missed. She did not leave this place without leaving her prints on  all of our hearts.
Anne Francis Castro
Rest in Peace
Love you always and Forever,

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