Trying not to screw things up

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Direction. I feel like I have come to a point in my life that I need more guidance. I am a 29 year old receptionist. Not that there is anything wrong with the job that I have, but I expected to have finished collage by now married and had a kid. Well I am partially there. I am engaged to my boyfriend of 11 years and we have a beautiful little girl who is now 5 years old. He is also a student a Chemistry major at that very intelligent, but juggling school and work at the same time as well as trying to raise a child is hard work. Parenting is a full time job all on it's own.

As parents we are constantly trying not to mess up our children permanently. Myself growing up had a horrible childhood. I guess I am just in panic because I have come so far and trying not to mess up my little girl the way my parents did to me. Although I am not on drugs and drinking my self into a coma thinking it will fix everything I am trying to work hard and keep everything together for my daughter. I want her to look at me with respect knowing when she reaches a certain age her mom did everything in her power to educate her and to raise her right! My fiance and I work very hard to make sure she gets everything she needs in life. To start off with she has two parents whom love her very much and will do anything to see her happy. We as a family are truly blessed to have one another he keeps me strong when I am down and I in turn do the same for him. Our little girl will come home with questions about our relationship. There are not to many kids in her class who have both of their parents together. Right now we are trying to prepare her for kindergarten this fall. But goes back to me and the hubby's schedule another juggling act we will soon have to prepare for. Since when did kindergarten only do less than half a day? This is insane how are we as working parents suppose to be able to work full time to support our family and manage the fact school isn't even a full time deal anymore?

I am not sure if I had mentioned this in my previous post but I am fallowing my dream and trying to become a published writer. So when I am not working and have free time I am writing. Just about anything and everything that comes to mind. Not that I needed to add anything else to my crazy plate of life with working and my family. I am trying to not lose myself an wanted to do something that I love while I had down time that wouldn't cost me anything. Being parents we are always trying to budget and trying to find things to do that wont cost us to much. Just so happens I love to write and have this crazy dream of some day walking up to a store and finding someone buying something I poured my heart and soul into. So for now because I am trying my damnedest not to screw my child up I swear not to drink away my issues with anything but coffee and try to set a good example of fallowing your dreams no matter how silly they may seem to someone else.


Life is hard and is always testing us. So I am trying to keep positive and know that all our craziness will die down and pay off for our family one day. No Matter how hard life gets I will always be grateful for my loving little family of 3.

P.s. No matter how old we are everyone needs a little guidance every now and then. What appears to look perfect from the outside is not always the case. We all have our troubles but it is learning how to deal with them in a healthy constructive manner!


Men get with the "Program"

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sex and Poking the bear

Men when a woman is on their monthly let's call it a “Program” don't bother her for sex. If your woman is anything like me, let me warn you Don't Poke The BEAR!

A Man: “ Hey babe can we uhh... ya know mix it up?” Woman: “ No I am on my “Program”!” Man:” Well can you do something for me?” Woman: “ No. “ Man: “ your so mean!”

Why is it that because I am on my “Program” and don't feel like pleasing you because I am already irritable I am the mean one? Do you understand what our body is going through and how uncomfortable we already are right now? The last thing I have on my mind is how to please you. Sorry Love you, but you have the worst timing. Men act like such children when they don't get what they want. I know us women have our moments, but Don't Poke The Bear when she is on her “Program”

My ideal week while the “Program” is in session is laying around munching, reading a good book IN SILENCE, occasionally being cuddled hair being brushed and fed grapes ( I know that will never happen but a girl can wish) and napping. Not thinking my god my man must want sex right now when I am at my most uncomfortable state how shall I please him. I shake my head at the men who ask such silly things from us while this is happening. For the most part we want our personal space. We love you guys,but help us help you by not driving us to the point of having a raging/emotional break down and making it worse than it has to be.

I am no prude I love sex just as much as the next person, but there is a time for everything and your time is not now! Please try again in about 3 to 7 days depending on the woman. Usually I am attacking my man when its gone, but everyone is different. Maybe not everyone’s man is as awesome as mine, but I am sure we all think ours is the best=)

A List of things we want supplies normally we get that personal stuff, but you can be a HERO by grabbing your woman a few things while you are out and or want to stay out of the dog house.


  1. Her favorite warm drink, Coffee,Tea, Hot Chocolate etc..
  2. Her favorite sweet or salty treats
  3. Help out by cleaning up
  4. Don't chew loudly
  5. Don't wine about anything
  6. Just slip the goods in to the bear din then slowly walk away.

The More helpful you are during this hard time the better you will be treated once it's gone!

                                          FROM BEAR TO KITEN IN A WEEKS TIME



Just be Nice...So I have been told!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Serenity Now!!
So Another thing about me to know I work in the medical field. To top it off in Physical Therapy. We base our business off people being injured.  Sounds amazing right! Don't get me wrong I love being in the medical field and I always knew that I wanted to work in the medical field since high school. Not touching that subject though high school yuck!
 Playing nice. To sum it up I get paid to be nice to people I work in the front office. Everything starts and ends there so we have to have our shit together and know what we are doing and how to talk to people or at least pretend to. Now please don't let my sarcastic tone mislead you. I love working in my field. I feel like I repeated myself... Oh well. But there is a breaking point an praise baby Jesus that there are three of us working the front between us we keep balance. I am sorry you (not you the reader) the patient are injured and how inconvenient this is on your life and the hell that you are going through at the moment, but there is only so much kindness a person can give before washing there hands with you ( even medical offices can refuse service please remember that). Please remember when going into a place a doctors office, physical therapy office, chiropractic you get the point they/ we are not the people who did this to you. All we are doing is trying to do is help you!! I get the meanest people and yes I have a group of patients that started out horrible, but I finally killed them with kindness and for that reason alone the reward of helping someone touching them knowing that I have helped them loose some of the post injured rudeness its the best feeling getting through to someone. But there are those people out there that are beyond help. For all those people that are out there who are injured please remember us as the medical professionals we did not do this to you!! Unless your circumstances are different in which you are injured because of the medical professionals in that case I am truly sorry then I can sympathize with that and they probably deserve it.
My co-workers like to make fun of me because I  get the meanest people to like me. Killing them with kindness.  People who are hurt are angry why because they have been through the ringer just to get to us. Insurance we have to have it or we have to pay out of pocket and to be honest by the time the medical bills roll in you were probably better off without the insurance ( at least in my office). There are always authorizations and the waiting period, or getting referrals. Some PPO plans don't require them, but we are still going to ask for them why when your insurance company wants to know why we want you to continue treatment we have to prove medical necessity!! Reports and the fact we have a referral from your doctor is what we need. If we have none of that your insurance company wont pay then everything at that point is going to get billed to YOU! Even if you don't want to go to your doctor to get it trust me you will be better off in the long run. That brings me back it is not our responsibility as a medical office to attain that for you. We are not the one in need of medical attention. Here it comes being ..NICE!! If you are being nice to the people who are only trying to help you they will go out of there way to be nice to you and do things to help make your life easier! I am sorry if I am sounding bitter or upset but I have had a bad couple of weeks. I know yes I can hear the sounds of the worlds smallest violin playing just for me. But Everyone needs to vent some how right? So why not inform people while I am venting.
 We the professionals do not ask for anything that isn't necessary. Also Co-pays if I could count all the times people tell me I don't have a copay call my insurance company we did please do your homework. Anyone who has purchased insurance should know what they have and you know yes you know when you have a co-pay.
Being nice for everyone may not work, but if you push just hard enough you can possibly get through to people. I am lucky enough to also work in the back office assisting the therapists. I get to run people through their exercises and do ultrasounds and set ups. I tried to gage their moods and find ways to connect with them. Constancy is the key I always greet everyone with the same smile and niceness. If I have had a screwed up morning running late things just aren't working out for me I don't go into work and take it out on my patients. No I check that at the door before I walk in.  So why come in and do it to people who are trying to help you? But you need to know when to stop trying and wash your hands of people. There is only so much bending over for a person you can do before you get washed of! That goes back to we can refuse service and if we really are not satisfying your medical needs and you don't like people who are only trying to help you, there are millions of other places you can go. I could name a few lol but I am trying to be nice so I will only say this go back to your doctor and ask him/ or her to refer you else where. 

I could say that I am tired of being nice, but I can't. Even with the bad seeds there are great ones the ones who are just so grateful that you are there to be helpful and appreciate you. They are why I work in this field! When someone is feeling better and is leaving you and your company have this since of pride. I helped that person get better. They are why we are in business. Just like any other businesses the grow by word of mouth referring friends, family, their own doctors ect. Thank you to all the nice people that make me love what I do everyday and remind me why I get up everyday to do what I do! I also know what you can't please everyone. Work smart not hard. Not only do I appreciate my patients for their patience with us, but for my co-workers. Teamwork is very important and having a wonderful group of people to back you up to tap you out when they know you have had to much and try a new angle of helping someone. Take a deep breath and drink some coffee....ahhh yes victory

Annie who is now only realizing I can't please everyone!

P.S. Thank you for listening. Everyone needs someone someime:)

Monday, March 25, 2013

  So bare with me as I am a first time blogger this will be my cherry popper! Sitting here reading all these blogs trying to get some perspective on what this world is all about (the blogger world that is).

The thing you will learn about me is that I will always bring up coffee in everything almost everything that I write about. Coffee is my oxygen and without coffee I am no good. I am in love with the smell, the taste the sounds it makes while brewing. Coffee is like my own personal brand of heroin. Anyone who ever watched twilight knows where I took that line from=)  My Fiance tells me its a drug because its a stimulant well its legal so until it becomes illegal I better stock up on it whilst I can! I know I should cut back but I really don't want to even if my doctor did tell me to cut back as well. What  the hell does she know any how lol.  There to many amazing things about it to give it up #1 I can't function without it #2 It makes me a happy person#3 I am a more productive worker with it. I  have this cute sign that sits on my desk at work that I love and is very true!

The other morning I woke up in a pissy mood shocker there I don't do mornings! My Fiance took notice to my mood I guess I was putting out the bad mood vibes not really sure because I wasn't even talking. I hopped into the shower and then I heard the door opening thinking it was my daughter I shouted " Keep the door closed its freezing!" She always comes in uses the bathroom and then will leave the door open. Drives me crazy! All I heard was the sound of a cup being set down then the door being locked and then shut. What in the heck I look out and my hubby was kind enough to make me coffee. I couldn't help but laugh man was I really in that bad of a mood that morning. That was not something he normally did for me so I guess I was projecting some bad mood vibes that morning. Got to love him.
  Today we were watching TV and they were making coffee. I was telling the hubby man that looks amazing right now. He shoots me this look and tells me "Woman you have a problem you have a damn cup just made in your hand."  Its not a problem its a passion!

So as I said at the beginning please bare with me this is my first time blogging. Everyone has to start some where and as someone who wishes to write a book I thought I should start out by doing something like this. I hope my fellow coffee lovers appreciates this and will share there little coffee stories with me as well=)


Everything is inspiring every lyric
every spoken word. With every sip of coffee and lyric that spills out of my radio i am inspired to write! I Close my eyes and let the words dance and arrange in my head, then to finally put my sword to paper and let my story come together. Something inside of me tells me this is exactly what i was suppose to do in life. Heart felt ideas overflows on to the paper in front of me. To hopefully one day be read and inspire another soul only to put their thoughts on paper and inspire another. Let your heart open, let the words flow, let your pen be your sword and your paper your dragon. Concore your dreams one word at a time!