Happy, Healhy, and Educated is How We Want Our Kids

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Picky eaters…  I know I can't be the only one out there that has one. Except now don't get me wrong I am not complaining… well that much. My picky eater has always been in love with her veggies, but won't eat anything else. She will get a plate full of food and what does she do? She moves the food around the plate to pick out all the vegetables. I asked what are you doing? She tells me mom I am a vegetarian! A vegetarian!! I ask my daughter honey do you know what that is? She tells me " Mommy yes its someone who only eats vegetables." Well I'll be damned LOL. She is only 6 years old.
 Yesterday I made her homemade French fries. She eats a couple then asks me mom can I just have some salad… Is this kid for real? I am not sure what I did to get blessed with such a wonderful little smart health nut.  It is so important that we encourage out little sponges  to live health life styles, but my daughter is the one who is encouraging me and her dad. Her dad smokes cigarettes nasty habit right! Well leave it to little miss to lecture daddy about the health effects of how unhealthy smoking is for you.
So just to encourage my mom's out there. I know we all know how important it is to install healthy good habits and teach our children good thing, but we should also lead by example. How are we supposed to preach to our little tornado's that something is bad or good and we ourselves don't practice the same thing.  Our kids are very intelligent little sponges that have amazing memories. It is our duty to prepare them for life outside our homes. As sad as it may seem we have to realize one day they will be on their own. So it is up to us to teach them how to live healthy and happy. Try not to depend on these fast food restaurants to supply health foods for our kids. I understand life gets hectic, but don't let that become a habit. When we do have time let them get in the kitchen with you an help prepare dinner. My daughter loves to help cook and help setting the table. She gets so proud that she gets to help mom.
Also Magic words such as please and thank you and no thank you are heavily reinforced around here. As it may seem mean to correct them all the time it is helping them speak better. Read to them more involve our kids in everything we do I can't stress it enough how we are the ones sending them out into a cruel world. So let's send them out there with the right survival skills! My reasoning behind this blog is that I know so many people who use the TV as a babysitter and McDonalds as their kitchen. I don't want my baby to grow up an obese idiot because I was too busy to give her what she needed from me. This is not to offend anyone but simply to remind us that our babies need us and it's up to us to keep them at their best health wise and academically!
Just some food for thought. Our children are the future!

A Little Part Of Me and Why I Am Doing This...

Monday, February 24, 2014

So I don't feel like I have properly introduced myself.  Well Forgive me.  I am a 30 year old woman who aspires to be a writer. Not just any writer though. I want to be like all those I look up to, those amazing authors who have touched me or spoke to me through their writing. I too want to touch people through my writing. I hope one day to walk into a store and see a book sitting on a shelf with my name on it. I want to be able to stand there and say I did that I grew balls and did something that I never thought I could do! 
I am not a great writer right now, but I dream one day I will be. I make a ton of mistakes and I am not perfect in anyway. I just hope with your patience and support family, friends, community, and followers you'll stick by me. I am just a person trying to live out her dream. Trying to make something of myself. Some people want to be a doctor a lawyer, teacher, actor,  or a scientist. Everyone wants to make a difference in their field of choice. Your career of choice may not always pay well in money, but it will pay you, it will feed your soul and give you happiness. That is all I want out of life...happiness!

I want to do something that I am good at that makes me happy. There are so many skeptics and will say I am crazy, but that’s because they never did what they wanted to do or tell you if I did what I wanted to I would be in the circus or be thinner or be something that paid me a great deal of money. Then I say why not do what will make you happy. I recently discovered you can't please everyone all the time. There will always be those who doubt you or laugh at your dreams. Well screw them!

Freedom Writers. A great inspiring movie I watched yesterday. This is one of the parts that touched me the most. A Toast for change. I feel like on some level this speaks to everyone. A time for change to do something to change yourself in a positive way!

They are not living your life and who's to say they will always be a part of it, family or friends. Nothing in life is promised people come and they go an it's always damned if I do and damned if I don't scenarios .  So damn it just do it. Make yourself happy because no one but you can do it. I am like anyone else I have made many mistakes and poor life choices, but I will not allow my life to be lived by what I did in my past. I am a mom so if I lived in the past what kind of example would I be leading. I use to let my past rule my life and always tried to please everyone. Now I am trying to make me happy and live in the now! Right now I am thinking about what I want to do to improve my life and the example I will be leading for my little girl for my nieces and nephews.
Write on! Making my dreams come true!


Mommy's Little Tornado

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mommy Life
Our Tornado's
Sometimes even Mommy needs a break, but that is where the problem lies! Once we get a break we don't want to clean, just looking at the mess exhausts us. Also by break I mean the house all to ourselves no men or women and no children. I am exhausted just thinking about it lol.  If your kid or Kids are anything like my daughter than I am sorry! I love her dearly I truly do god bless my little tornado. It's like she can since hmm... mom just cleaned, must destroy immediately.
Cleaning takes time lots of time. How is it that she walks in a room and back out again in 1 minute and it's as if she has some kind of magical power to turn her room completely upside down and shake everything out of it. Things I took out of there was magically back in her room such as cups, wrappers from food, dirty clothes that I had put in the hamper.  Then I ask why did you do that? "Because I was looking for my squinkys (tiny little squishy toys) mom I can't find them."
 My god child are you trying to slowly kill mommy on purpose? My fallow up question is "babe why do you hate mommy so much?" She tells me "mommy I don't hate you I love you don't say that."  You have a funny way of showing it kiddo. I am just grateful she has finally grown out of the drawing on the walls faze. It's so hard to punish her once I have seen her drawings on the wall. Hey I have to give it to the kid she is pretty creative for a little girl. Once I for the 100th time tell her honey you can't draw on the wall and before she has to clean her wall, I ask her to tell me about her drawing's. She has the craziest back stories of what happened and what is going on. She blows my mind with her stories.
So we all have our little tornado's, but some if not most of us also have the big tornado or as I like to call mine the man I love my "man child." He is almost as bad as the kid. You know where he is at all times because surrounding him is a mess of food and drinks and remotes.
 This guy here is on a chair. My Man sprawls out on our long couch capitalizing on the TV and the Couch. I go back to wanting to pull out my hair.  He and my kid only wants things or wants to talk once I am reading or ridiculously comfortable then its "ehh babe can you get me something to drink?" Or  "can you go get food?" or " Mom can you come here?" only to find out she doesn't really need anything and there is no finding that comfortable spot again...uhhg  Does anyone else go through this I know I can't be the only one. Although we love our family dearly we need an escape. What are some things you do to relax or escape from the insanity we call every day reality?

I find that my car rides to go run errands are my mini vacations. I tend to drive slower and blast my music. Blasting my music almost feels I am out at a bar or hanging out. Then I realize I am in my car about to grocery shopping! Sad I know, but hey I need the noise to block out the stress. Sometimes I also find if you don't mind the stares of random strangers singing out loud helps too. Then when I get home it's " What took you so long I am starving." Whist he is eating a sandwich or bowl of something. Drives me insane. I have to remind myself I love these people...I love these people!
None the less we all know at the end of the day when silence fills the house and you finally got everything back in order to only be destroyed the next morning, its like you have waited all day for that tiny moment of sanity and quite. I just want to high five all those awesome parents out there who's lives seem to be a huge tornado during the day. Just hold out for your blissful moment of sanity, it will come and is completely worth the wait.
Us Mommy's and Daddy's have to stick together because no one understands us better than someone who has kids. Let's support one another lift each other up when we are down!!

Saying Goodbye is Never Easy

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

 So I want to apologize I haven't posted in a few days. I recently lost someone very dear to me and my family over the weekend. So I want this post to be a small dedication to my Great Nana.

On February 9th I received a call from my mom letting me know that My Great Nana had only 3 months to live. Although this is all very upsetting news she was 97 years old and lived a wonderful, long, and fulfilling life. Last weekend my family was going to my aunts house to say there goodbyes on Saturday. I left to drive up to see her on Sunday, but instead woke up with a phone call saying she passed at midnight. So since I was unable to hold her hand for the last time and tell her how much I loved her, I have dedicated this song to her. Although they may not have the Internet in heaven I hope she is watching over me and sees my efforts in trying to say goodbye in my own way.

Until we meet again Sweet Nana...We will celebrate your life with smiling every time we think of you and hold you in our hearts for all eternity. May you rest in peace.
Married to one man her whole life and had 3 wonderful kids. She was very loved and will be forever missed. She did not leave this place without leaving her prints on  all of our hearts.
Anne Francis Castro
Rest in Peace
Love you always and Forever,

Mother and Daughter Tell Stories Together

Sunday, February 16, 2014

So this will be continuing of my short stories. This one I have been working off and on with my daughter. She is actually the one who inspired this story. So here is the story behind the story. I am fairly big on reading to my little girl. So one night my little girl asked me to tell her a story about when she was born. Then after that it was mommy can you please tell me a story about a princess and so on. I got to the point where I started asking her to telling me stories then I would add to them. So the story that I am going to post today is something my little girl and I came up with together. Now it is a work in progress so please bear with us. We add to it every day together. So it will only be a part of the story I will leave you with today. I am not a great writer of any sort or do I claim to be, but it is something that love to do and one day I hope to be great at or maybe even known for. So here it is our story.

Little Lottie

Once upon a time in a land far away lived a little girl named Lottie who lived with her mother and father. They lived in a small cottage just on top of a hill in a tiny village named Lavender. This tiny village was known for the beautiful lavender flowers that grew wild throughout the hills. Some called it the sleepy village because nothing ever happened there and that lavender was known to lull you off to sleep.  Each cottage was built by hand and past down generations from family members before them.

Lottie was a very special little girl. She didn't play with many other children because Little Lottie was often miss understood. Lottie lived in her own little world. She was bestowed with a wonderful gift of a huge imagination that took her on all sorts of adventures on a daily basis. She traveled to far off lands with magical creatures, dragons, wizards, witches and much more.

More importantly she held a much bigger secret she would never be able to share with anyone. They already thought she was crazy all they needed was this tid-bit of information to a sure them that she most definitely insane, then mom and dad would possibly send her away forever. Lottie just couldn't have that. God only knows what they would do to her special little friend that she kept a secret. That was her only friend and Lottie would just die if the only one who ever understood her was taken from her. Then she would truly be left all alone with no friends.
Against the village of Lavender there was a forest that most kids and some grownups knew to be haunted from all the myths and stories that had been passed down for many generations. They were scared of the unknown, but Lottie really knew there was nothing to be scared of at all. This is where her special friend lived. This was nothing like when she pretended to travel to far off magical lands at home. No this was very real indeed!  This is where the goblins and fairies lived.

The goblins made their homes inside the trees and the fairies tiny little homes were made of flowers and twigs. There were many different creatures that lived among the forest, but stayed hidden away for their own safety from the evil troll. He rarely came out, but when he did everyone knew best to stay hidden away. There was two things that all of these magical little creatures were afraid of one was the humans and the other was the old, nasty, mean, and evil Troll. He was not like the others at all.  The goblins and fairies that lived among the forest were kind and loving and the evil Mr. Stockett he was out to take one of the goblins as his bride. 
One evening the troll came to a tree. This tree belonged to Petal's family. He let the family know that 3 months from that day he would be taking Petal has his bride.  Since that day Petal and her family agreed it was best she stayed with her friend Lottie in the village so that Mr. Stockett would never find her.  This is why it was so important that Lottie's Mom and Dad never found out about her little friend who lived in her closet.

The goblins and fairies kept the most beautiful gardens. The gardens were all a part of what made them magical.  They grew all there herbs they used to prepare their meals and then there were the herbs hey used to do their spells. They also had gardens from which they got all there food from. They ate the fresh vegetables they grew and ate the fish they caught from down by the stream where they retrieved their water supply. Things like clothes and other trinkets they would gather from the village when the humans were sleeping. They would sneak into the village at night and take only the things that were thrown out. The little goblins and fairies would never take otherwise!
Lottie stumbled upon Petal one day when she was walking along the border of the forest and the village. She heard something rustling in the trees. Finally she yelled out "Hello… is anyone there?" Nothing happened. She heard it again! “If you guys are trying to scare me it will never work!" she hollered at the trees once more, thinking it was the mean kids from school who were always teasing her. Then she heard a voice “If you promise not to run away I will come out.” Said the stranger in the trees. Lottie thought that sounds like a little girl why would I run away from a little girl? Maybe she is in trouble why would she be hiding in the forest. “Please come out. I will not run away from you I promise!” She said once more at the trees. Little Lottie was praying no one was watching her talk to the trees. Then she heard the voice again. “I don’t look like you if you seen me you would run away.” Said the voice in the trees.
 Little Lottie was growing more and more curious by the moment.  She doesn’t look like me? What does that mean? Little Lottie was growing tired of this and wanted to see who was hiding in the trees. “Come out please I will not run! Please. Are you in trouble is that why you are hiding?” Lottie said to the girl in the trees. “No I am not in trouble, but ok since you promise not to run I will come out. Just don’t run away.” Said the voice. Then Little Lottie saw the trees moving in front of her. Then out popped the stranger. Lottie was completely taken back by what stood in front of her. What appeared to be a creature of some kind. Was a little smaller that she was. The creature had purple eyes with long eye lashes and was wearing a patch work dress and no shoes, and had ears that went up to a point. The creature’s hair stuck out like it had a horrible case of bed head or just hadn’t been brushed in a long time.
To be continued!
Annie and Maddy

A cup or Two or Three is never enough for me!

Friday, February 14, 2014

 Some people say I have a problem some call it and obsession. Everyone has their way of seeking comfort in things (food or beverage) that help them relax, make them happy, and for me it is coffee. As a mom, writer, student and a wife I need that extra perk in my day (or throughout my day if it warrants it). I am not a huge Starbucks fan, but I also will not turn one down. I love coffee in case I haven't said it enough. I am perfectly continent with drinking mine from home. It used to be the opposite, but once I had to really start budgeting my money more I had to turn to making my own. Then I realized how much I actually prefer my coffee rather than some fancy cup that is going to cost me 6.75-7$ and the pain of waiting in a long line of people who can't make up their minds.  I can buy a huge container that will last me even longer than two gulps don't judge!

So I have a friend who works for this company Montavida. I was wondering if anyone has heard of this or has tried it that can share with me. I love trying new coffees as much as possible. So I have been told tid-bits of information about it, but I am seeking out people who drink it now. I was told it helps you loose weight. I personally am always on a mission of loosing weight.  If anyone is interested I will leave her link on my page.

        A cup a day keeps the anger at bay!
Quote by: Annie
I feel like I can not function or be coherent through out my day unless I have had one cup  within the first few minutes of me waking up, then 2 cups fallowing that takes the headaches away and makes me alert and ready to face my day. My morning revolves around this obsession of mine.

As always thank you fabulous people for taking your time to read my little blog.


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Happy Valentines Day ladies!

 Hi all!!
 I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Valentine's day!!! I wish you love, happiness, flowers, chocolates and happy endings (take it as you will)! ;) You don't always need someone for it to be a happy V-Day. There are always those men you can simply upload to your Kindle, Note Book or buy at the store to complete your day! Some say that sounds lonely... Hell leave me alone with a good book, coffee and munchies I won't even realize if you walked into the room LOL. Seriously I have had people try to talk to me when I was deep into a book I heard nothing Opps!!

So to keep this short and sweet Even if this is a fake holiday INDULGE!  Indulge in everything you can. But above else celebrate love!
If you are a book junky like me and addicted to smut here are a few suggestions from some amazing authors I adore!

These are some of my absolute favorites! Hot Steamy, Crazy Romantic!!
WARNING: You may experience complete unrealistic expectations in men after reading these. Men like this just don't exist!! But a girl can wish. All ADULT CONTENT must be over 18!
 Well ladies Happy V-Day! Remember INDULGE!
Because every girl deserves flowers virtual or not. This is my present to you=)
Annie. XOXO

Dare to be bad They said! Challange excepted!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Here is me daring to be bad if not down right horrible, but I have writers block and why not share my horrible ridiculously short story with everyone else. They say when you are not writing, write anyways dare to be bad never stop writing. So here is the beginning of what will be many short stories to come. If there is anyone reading this thank you and I am sorry!
This very short story is about my Dog a very noble dog Sr. Winston Churchill and his pea size brain. ( I really do love my dog to death) He was right in front of me when I was trying to get inspired to write so I thought why not write about my dog.

    A dog named Winston

There once was a dog named Winston he sat an chewed on his bone at the very edge of my bed. The constant chewing noise drove me crazy if only he could chew quitter. He looks at me while he is chewing as if he knows this is driving me up the wall. Sometimes I wonder what goes on in the pea size brain of his. If there is something I know for certain is that he loves his bone and wants anything I am eating. He doesn't know what I am eating or if he will even like it but he knows he wants it. "Maybe if I stare at her long enough" he thinks to himself "she will give in and give me some… nope that didn't work maybe I'll put my paw on her and place my head on her arm she couldn't possibly say no then right. Right! Yesss she finally gave in… oh yuck what is that smell I don't want that." So He drops it on the bed near my feet and walks back to the edge of my bed. After all that he just drops it on my clean bed and struts away to lay in the sun. Little brat. Back up on the edge of my bed now continuing on that god for saken bone of his. Chewing and spitting chewing and spitting he continues this until he finishes the bone. Now being wiped out from the continuous chewing and spitting he stretches his little  Beagle/Chua Hua legs out and yawns making a little yelp sound and goes to sleep. Laying around him is the remains of the bone he did not eat. Now I am left with having to clean up after him. If only dogs could clean up after themselves! Point of this strange little story is that there is none. I just felt like writing about my dog.

Meet Winston

Todays Inspiration.
He is but a noble steed LOL
If you read this thank you and sorry if you laughed I am greatful=)