Mother and Daughter Tell Stories Together

Sunday, February 16, 2014

So this will be continuing of my short stories. This one I have been working off and on with my daughter. She is actually the one who inspired this story. So here is the story behind the story. I am fairly big on reading to my little girl. So one night my little girl asked me to tell her a story about when she was born. Then after that it was mommy can you please tell me a story about a princess and so on. I got to the point where I started asking her to telling me stories then I would add to them. So the story that I am going to post today is something my little girl and I came up with together. Now it is a work in progress so please bear with us. We add to it every day together. So it will only be a part of the story I will leave you with today. I am not a great writer of any sort or do I claim to be, but it is something that love to do and one day I hope to be great at or maybe even known for. So here it is our story.

Little Lottie

Once upon a time in a land far away lived a little girl named Lottie who lived with her mother and father. They lived in a small cottage just on top of a hill in a tiny village named Lavender. This tiny village was known for the beautiful lavender flowers that grew wild throughout the hills. Some called it the sleepy village because nothing ever happened there and that lavender was known to lull you off to sleep.  Each cottage was built by hand and past down generations from family members before them.

Lottie was a very special little girl. She didn't play with many other children because Little Lottie was often miss understood. Lottie lived in her own little world. She was bestowed with a wonderful gift of a huge imagination that took her on all sorts of adventures on a daily basis. She traveled to far off lands with magical creatures, dragons, wizards, witches and much more.

More importantly she held a much bigger secret she would never be able to share with anyone. They already thought she was crazy all they needed was this tid-bit of information to a sure them that she most definitely insane, then mom and dad would possibly send her away forever. Lottie just couldn't have that. God only knows what they would do to her special little friend that she kept a secret. That was her only friend and Lottie would just die if the only one who ever understood her was taken from her. Then she would truly be left all alone with no friends.
Against the village of Lavender there was a forest that most kids and some grownups knew to be haunted from all the myths and stories that had been passed down for many generations. They were scared of the unknown, but Lottie really knew there was nothing to be scared of at all. This is where her special friend lived. This was nothing like when she pretended to travel to far off magical lands at home. No this was very real indeed!  This is where the goblins and fairies lived.

The goblins made their homes inside the trees and the fairies tiny little homes were made of flowers and twigs. There were many different creatures that lived among the forest, but stayed hidden away for their own safety from the evil troll. He rarely came out, but when he did everyone knew best to stay hidden away. There was two things that all of these magical little creatures were afraid of one was the humans and the other was the old, nasty, mean, and evil Troll. He was not like the others at all.  The goblins and fairies that lived among the forest were kind and loving and the evil Mr. Stockett he was out to take one of the goblins as his bride. 
One evening the troll came to a tree. This tree belonged to Petal's family. He let the family know that 3 months from that day he would be taking Petal has his bride.  Since that day Petal and her family agreed it was best she stayed with her friend Lottie in the village so that Mr. Stockett would never find her.  This is why it was so important that Lottie's Mom and Dad never found out about her little friend who lived in her closet.

The goblins and fairies kept the most beautiful gardens. The gardens were all a part of what made them magical.  They grew all there herbs they used to prepare their meals and then there were the herbs hey used to do their spells. They also had gardens from which they got all there food from. They ate the fresh vegetables they grew and ate the fish they caught from down by the stream where they retrieved their water supply. Things like clothes and other trinkets they would gather from the village when the humans were sleeping. They would sneak into the village at night and take only the things that were thrown out. The little goblins and fairies would never take otherwise!
Lottie stumbled upon Petal one day when she was walking along the border of the forest and the village. She heard something rustling in the trees. Finally she yelled out "Hello… is anyone there?" Nothing happened. She heard it again! “If you guys are trying to scare me it will never work!" she hollered at the trees once more, thinking it was the mean kids from school who were always teasing her. Then she heard a voice “If you promise not to run away I will come out.” Said the stranger in the trees. Lottie thought that sounds like a little girl why would I run away from a little girl? Maybe she is in trouble why would she be hiding in the forest. “Please come out. I will not run away from you I promise!” She said once more at the trees. Little Lottie was praying no one was watching her talk to the trees. Then she heard the voice again. “I don’t look like you if you seen me you would run away.” Said the voice in the trees.
 Little Lottie was growing more and more curious by the moment.  She doesn’t look like me? What does that mean? Little Lottie was growing tired of this and wanted to see who was hiding in the trees. “Come out please I will not run! Please. Are you in trouble is that why you are hiding?” Lottie said to the girl in the trees. “No I am not in trouble, but ok since you promise not to run I will come out. Just don’t run away.” Said the voice. Then Little Lottie saw the trees moving in front of her. Then out popped the stranger. Lottie was completely taken back by what stood in front of her. What appeared to be a creature of some kind. Was a little smaller that she was. The creature had purple eyes with long eye lashes and was wearing a patch work dress and no shoes, and had ears that went up to a point. The creature’s hair stuck out like it had a horrible case of bed head or just hadn’t been brushed in a long time.
To be continued!
Annie and Maddy

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