Mommy's Little Tornado

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mommy Life
Our Tornado's
Sometimes even Mommy needs a break, but that is where the problem lies! Once we get a break we don't want to clean, just looking at the mess exhausts us. Also by break I mean the house all to ourselves no men or women and no children. I am exhausted just thinking about it lol.  If your kid or Kids are anything like my daughter than I am sorry! I love her dearly I truly do god bless my little tornado. It's like she can since hmm... mom just cleaned, must destroy immediately.
Cleaning takes time lots of time. How is it that she walks in a room and back out again in 1 minute and it's as if she has some kind of magical power to turn her room completely upside down and shake everything out of it. Things I took out of there was magically back in her room such as cups, wrappers from food, dirty clothes that I had put in the hamper.  Then I ask why did you do that? "Because I was looking for my squinkys (tiny little squishy toys) mom I can't find them."
 My god child are you trying to slowly kill mommy on purpose? My fallow up question is "babe why do you hate mommy so much?" She tells me "mommy I don't hate you I love you don't say that."  You have a funny way of showing it kiddo. I am just grateful she has finally grown out of the drawing on the walls faze. It's so hard to punish her once I have seen her drawings on the wall. Hey I have to give it to the kid she is pretty creative for a little girl. Once I for the 100th time tell her honey you can't draw on the wall and before she has to clean her wall, I ask her to tell me about her drawing's. She has the craziest back stories of what happened and what is going on. She blows my mind with her stories.
So we all have our little tornado's, but some if not most of us also have the big tornado or as I like to call mine the man I love my "man child." He is almost as bad as the kid. You know where he is at all times because surrounding him is a mess of food and drinks and remotes.
 This guy here is on a chair. My Man sprawls out on our long couch capitalizing on the TV and the Couch. I go back to wanting to pull out my hair.  He and my kid only wants things or wants to talk once I am reading or ridiculously comfortable then its "ehh babe can you get me something to drink?" Or  "can you go get food?" or " Mom can you come here?" only to find out she doesn't really need anything and there is no finding that comfortable spot again...uhhg  Does anyone else go through this I know I can't be the only one. Although we love our family dearly we need an escape. What are some things you do to relax or escape from the insanity we call every day reality?

I find that my car rides to go run errands are my mini vacations. I tend to drive slower and blast my music. Blasting my music almost feels I am out at a bar or hanging out. Then I realize I am in my car about to grocery shopping! Sad I know, but hey I need the noise to block out the stress. Sometimes I also find if you don't mind the stares of random strangers singing out loud helps too. Then when I get home it's " What took you so long I am starving." Whist he is eating a sandwich or bowl of something. Drives me insane. I have to remind myself I love these people...I love these people!
None the less we all know at the end of the day when silence fills the house and you finally got everything back in order to only be destroyed the next morning, its like you have waited all day for that tiny moment of sanity and quite. I just want to high five all those awesome parents out there who's lives seem to be a huge tornado during the day. Just hold out for your blissful moment of sanity, it will come and is completely worth the wait.
Us Mommy's and Daddy's have to stick together because no one understands us better than someone who has kids. Let's support one another lift each other up when we are down!!

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