Release Day Post for Destined For Him By: B.D. Harrison

Friday, May 26, 2017

This is the book blurb, link to Kindle and Good Read's link (the paperback will be coming soon):

Are you looking for a new alpha male book boyfriend to dominate your thoughts? Then hold on to your panties, you are about to be swept into Charlie Grant's vortex!!!

When Isabella Travis walks in on her cheating boyfriend, it sums up the rubbish luck the young chef has been having lately. When she leaves to attend her father’s funeral in the highlands of Scotland, it should have provided the perfect opportunity for some much needed time to reassess her life. However, she wasn’t prepared to meet the force of nature that was Dr Charles Grant, Laird of the Ballindorach estate who sweeps into her life unexpectedly and won't take no for an answer.

Her fail safe technique of burying her head in the sand and trying to ignore sticky situations won’t work this time; her life is changed forever. Not used to having such a dominant alpha waltzing in and making decisions about her and for her, Isabella finds herself in a constant battle of wills.
Skeletons from Charlie's past and present threaten to derail the new relationship, but how much will Isabella take? Can they get past the fact that they come from two very different worlds and make their relationship work outside the bedroom?

This book is approximately 82,000 words and is the first of a series of two books.

Warning; intended for adults over 18 due to the explicit sexual content. 

Let me know if you need anything else.

Many thanks

Becky xoxo

B.D. Harrison

Pending Review. I was gifted an ARC, but the review will be posted on, or before next Thursday June 1st,2017.



Thirsty-Thursday Bookish Update

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Current Reads

Not my cup of coffee, but it may be yours... It was a cute story, but didn't feel much like an MC Book. I just finished this read yesterday 5/24/17.  Dragon's Lair was a good read, but didn't pack the intensity and edge I look for when reading an MC book. It was a sweet story and I was satisfied with the ending. I can't say I'm not intrigued by book #2 Anna's story titled Arrow's Hell . When I read a MC book I need darkness,intensity, action, and more depth not only in the story, but in the characters too which this book lacked. I'm only one person and to each their own.This book just wasn't for me. 

Still Reading 

Review Due Date: June 23rd, 2017

So far it is intriguing me. I am adjusting. I typically read romance with the occasional change of genre. This is read is starting to get a little scary so I have chosen to read this only during the day. Otherwise I will have dreams of Mr. Mean Man singing that awful Billy Boy song about cherry pies.  Kind of reminds me of a twisted chain saw massacre setting. God knows I love my scary movies so I am already sucked in. Just during the day time though because I am a chicken who loves scary twisted stories! Review to be continued...




New Book Club and Author Interviews

Friday, May 19, 2017

Good Afternoon to all of you that tune in. Last night was the first time since last August that I hopped on my computer, and sat down to write on my blog. Man it was invigorating! I miss this. Reaching out and sharing my thoughts and love for books with like minded folks. The book I reviewed yesterday was a new release by J.L. Drake Devil's Reach book #1 Trigger. I don't want to go on more than I already have, but WOW! If you love MC books as much as me you don't want to miss out on that one.

Anywhoo... I didn't come on here to post a 2nd review. I wanted to share with you that this year I started my first book club. ME! Sure I post reviews and interact with like minded book nuts online all the time, but that's easy. I am sitting behind a computer typing. I am not sitting in a room being forced to interact with people I have never met before, and try to discuss my love and passion for reading, without them looking at me like I am some circus freak. I was so nervous that first meeting. I was shaking as if I was getting ready to go on a date with someone I had never met before. When in reality that was precisely what I was doing except, it was with 7 other women from my community I found in a mom's group on Facebook. An introverts worse nightmare come to life. FORCED INTERACTION WITH PEOPLE I NEVER MET!


Fast forward from January to now it isn't so bad anymore. We have just started our 2nd reading list. I have reached out to our first book's author Jason McIntyre author of "On The Gathering Storm", and he has agreed to do a Skype interview with my club at the end of June. I am beyond stoked!! This will be my first interview with an author. (insert girly screams here) 
So I was thinking that besides reviews I can also give book club updates and recommendations from my group to others. Share reading lists and post reviews from my whole group. I would love to hear from other Admins of book clubs and swap lists, idea, or maybe even collaborate on one big review. One of my goals is to contact other authors who would be interested with doing interviews with our little group. Well that is my update for now. I will post our reading list below and the link to my group "Santa Cruz's Sisterhood of The Traveling Book Club" Below. Happy Reading and I look forward to more book talk <3 

June's Special Author Interview
with author Jason McIntyre June 23rd, 2017

Click here for --->Jason McIntyre Author Page to discover more of his books that he has written.



Devil's Reach Book #1 TRIGGER Review

Thursday, May 18, 2017

I finished reading Trigger today... Now I don't know what to do with my life. This is going to be the longest wait EVER. Maybe I can bribe Jodi Drake to sale me chapter by chapter of book 2 to get my fix. OR... just a page at a time? I am going to be in a constant state of anxiety until I get my hands on that next book. Like a junkie waiting on her next fix of J.L Drake's next dark and twisted read. You just can't get that sort of entertainment from television. I picture her sitting there behind her computer screen smoking a cigar, sipping her whisky, and occasionally twisting her mustache, laughing and plotting and laughing (insert evil laugh here) and plotting how to torture her readers next... Yes that's it soak it up kitties just you wait. I am a twisted evil genius and your emotions are my puppets. Muuha ha ha ha


Trigger was very well structured. One thing you can tell about a good writer is how well each character is structured. You know they spent hours, days, or even nights researching and perfecting these protagonists. Trigger is well... He is a different kind of cowboy. A horse of a different color if you will. He's complex with a multitude of characteristics that weren't unrealistic. That for me was one of my favorite things about this book. There was nothing that was completely so far fetched it was unbelievable. Sometimes I wonder if J.L Drake and Stephen King could come up with something mind blowing. Twisting their evil mustaches plotting how to scare the shit out of us all whilst twisting our hearts and giving us the feels. I think I am the genius now. Hmm... WOW that would seriously be amazing. Anywhoo. Trigger was raised by the devil himself. Others may think he is just a scary story we like to tell our children so they behave, but no he walks amongest us spreading his seed. Raised to be a killer Trigger grows up to be the Pres of Devil's Reach MC. Loyalty isn't much of an option for his men. You want to live don't cross him. He is a man that demands respect. You wouldn't be able to help it if he were to walk into a room right now to sit up straighter, and keep one hand on your gun and be on full alert. There is no emotion no second thoughts just doing. For him it is a itch that yearns to be scratched.  A switch that just needs to be flicked. Trigger is a killer and I can't stress enough that Dexter Morgan has nothing on this sick fuck. People fear him, men want to be him, and women would sale their souls to be with him, to have the chance to touch him. Even if it were only once. Trigger doesn't like to be touched. Touching him would only push the demons to come out even more. He does the touching and fucking. Until Tess.

There is always that female protagonist that all of us readers wish so desperately we could be. To have a fictional character like the alpha's in our stories to come to life. Can you please sit there close your eyes and picture what it would be like to be with a man like Trigger. Seriously. Sweet baby Jesus!  But since that will never happen we live inside of our books and live through our female protagonist. If I could choose one right now to live through it would be Tess. To be able to be as bad-ass as she is. I think I have the sarcasm and sassy bitchiness down, the rest I'll have to work on. An although in my line of work dressing and acting like her is frowned upon, so I will continue to day dream what it would be like. Her childhood best friend and her finally reunite after 6 years. Brick Moves her into town near the Club. She knows she is going to be tending bar, but what she didn't expect was to be tending bar at motorcycle clubhouse. An sure as hell didn't expect to fall for a killer. A man so fucked up he can't even be touched. BUT ahh... yes  there is always that one who finally comes around takes a bat and starts knocking down all of your walls. It knocks the world around you completely off tilt making you start to question yourself. So they try harder to keep those walls up, until they find themselves acting without thinking. That's how the trouble starts. Then both Trigger and Tess start testing one anthers boundaries. A game of chicken. Who will give up and run out of the way first. Instead they are both so damn stubborn and end up colliding. It is hotter than a tube of vibrating purple lipstick! The raw primal nature they elicit from one another is sure to set your panties on fire. I could end up writing you my own novel just based off everything I love about this book, but I am afraid I must cut it shorter than I want. I haven't been so moved by a book in a while that I felt the need to start blogging again. But If you love dark, twisted, hot as hell MC books I am not sure what you are waiting for one click it you know you want to. All the cool kids are doing it and you would be cooler if you did...
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