Happy Valentines Day ladies!

Friday, February 14, 2014

 Hi all!!
 I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Valentine's day!!! I wish you love, happiness, flowers, chocolates and happy endings (take it as you will)! ;) You don't always need someone for it to be a happy V-Day. There are always those men you can simply upload to your Kindle, Note Book or buy at the store to complete your day! Some say that sounds lonely... Hell leave me alone with a good book, coffee and munchies I won't even realize if you walked into the room LOL. Seriously I have had people try to talk to me when I was deep into a book I heard nothing Opps!!

So to keep this short and sweet Even if this is a fake holiday INDULGE!  Indulge in everything you can. But above else celebrate love!
If you are a book junky like me and addicted to smut here are a few suggestions from some amazing authors I adore!

These are some of my absolute favorites! Hot Steamy, Crazy Romantic!!
WARNING: You may experience complete unrealistic expectations in men after reading these. Men like this just don't exist!! But a girl can wish. All ADULT CONTENT must be over 18!
 Well ladies Happy V-Day! Remember INDULGE!
Because every girl deserves flowers virtual or not. This is my present to you=)
Annie. XOXO

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