Happy, Healhy, and Educated is How We Want Our Kids

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Picky eaters…  I know I can't be the only one out there that has one. Except now don't get me wrong I am not complaining… well that much. My picky eater has always been in love with her veggies, but won't eat anything else. She will get a plate full of food and what does she do? She moves the food around the plate to pick out all the vegetables. I asked what are you doing? She tells me mom I am a vegetarian! A vegetarian!! I ask my daughter honey do you know what that is? She tells me " Mommy yes its someone who only eats vegetables." Well I'll be damned LOL. She is only 6 years old.
 Yesterday I made her homemade French fries. She eats a couple then asks me mom can I just have some salad… Is this kid for real? I am not sure what I did to get blessed with such a wonderful little smart health nut.  It is so important that we encourage out little sponges  to live health life styles, but my daughter is the one who is encouraging me and her dad. Her dad smokes cigarettes nasty habit right! Well leave it to little miss to lecture daddy about the health effects of how unhealthy smoking is for you.
So just to encourage my mom's out there. I know we all know how important it is to install healthy good habits and teach our children good thing, but we should also lead by example. How are we supposed to preach to our little tornado's that something is bad or good and we ourselves don't practice the same thing.  Our kids are very intelligent little sponges that have amazing memories. It is our duty to prepare them for life outside our homes. As sad as it may seem we have to realize one day they will be on their own. So it is up to us to teach them how to live healthy and happy. Try not to depend on these fast food restaurants to supply health foods for our kids. I understand life gets hectic, but don't let that become a habit. When we do have time let them get in the kitchen with you an help prepare dinner. My daughter loves to help cook and help setting the table. She gets so proud that she gets to help mom.
Also Magic words such as please and thank you and no thank you are heavily reinforced around here. As it may seem mean to correct them all the time it is helping them speak better. Read to them more involve our kids in everything we do I can't stress it enough how we are the ones sending them out into a cruel world. So let's send them out there with the right survival skills! My reasoning behind this blog is that I know so many people who use the TV as a babysitter and McDonalds as their kitchen. I don't want my baby to grow up an obese idiot because I was too busy to give her what she needed from me. This is not to offend anyone but simply to remind us that our babies need us and it's up to us to keep them at their best health wise and academically!
Just some food for thought. Our children are the future!

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