Scorched the last book in the Series of Surrender by Melody Anne.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Short and Sweet

 I am going to briefly go over the book in this review today.  The first book was like a drug I was addicted after the first hit lol.  Then I read the rest… I know what you are thinking and it’s not bad. Like I said before I am not here to bash anyone. They were all good and very well written. Although I fell in love with all the couples, I felt they needed their story separate from the rest.  Every time I started getting into Ari and Rafe it would change to Shane and Lia or Rachel and Adrian.  They were all so great I felt they needed to be their own book. I felt a little cheated I wanted more from each of them. But I did love how Melody tied it all together in the end. I thought it was adorable how she ended it. I won’t tell you because the end of a story should never be ruined for the next person.

This is going to be a short review tonight. I just wanted to post something about the last book I read. Now I don’t know how to say this without it coming out wrong or being misconstrued as a bad review, so I am going to leave it as is. The question of the hour would I recommended it? Yes. How I feel may not be how you might once you have read this series. I give this book about a 3.5 only because I think that the characters were wonderful, but as I said before they deserved their own story a chance to flourish into something more. I do look forward to reading more of Melody's books. I did enjoy her writing and think she is good at what she does!



What's to come...

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Something to Look Forward to.

So as I mentioned before in my last post, I will be turning this into my permanent book review blog. I will be giving a few previews as to the books I will be reviewing. Recently I had two books gifted to me by the authors and I will be reviewing either one or both depending on the out come. I don't really like giving bad reviews so if I don't like something I just won't review it. I have the up most respect for authors and their writing. I understand what they go through to write and put their work out there. I will in no way be putting their hard work down. Just because it may not be my cup of tea doesn't mean I want to bash people on my blog. As My mom use to tell me if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all. LOL. Good so you get it now. Also if you don't see your book on here and you know I have already read them, it's only because I just started doing this. I will also be reviewing on previous books I have already read. I have so many favorites reads. I will be listing my favorite authors and must reads as well. Please if you have anything bad to say about authors I am listing I want to ask you now to please DO NOT do so on my blog!! NO Debbie downers!! 



These two were recently so kindly gifted to me. Although right now I am just finishing up the Series Surrender by Melody Anne. I however have a list of books to read through, but because theses were gifted I will be giving them priority.=)

Current Reads

Just wanted to give a preview of what is to come. Thank you to those of you who are starting to follow me. I hope you enjoy, as well as find my reviews helpful and will take into consideration for your future reads. Feel free to fallow me on:


I love to talk to my fellow book lovers/Smut readers. There is no better feeling than connecting with someone who enjoys the same addictions as you! Have a Fabulously steamy weekend Smut readers and stay tuned!



My Review for Surrender By Melody Anne.

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Start of my Book Reviews

Some books are not meant for everyone and each person is entitled to their own opinion. I both hate and love the waiting period for the next book to come out. If you are anything like me, I keep a list of the books I am waiting for and an alarm to remind me on my phone, as well as a list at my desk. Book Junkie you say… maybe! What can I say I am a sucker for a good read. The more frustrated I get the more eager I am to finish it. It becomes like an obsession I can’t think of anything else I turn into a reading zombie.  I can’t get through my day without going over the book and the thousands of possibilities of what is going to happen next. Sometimes I just want to reach in and slap the stubborn characters and hurry them along lol.

This is what I look like while I am obsessing over a book. Reading Zombie 
 Everyone knows once I have become entranced in yet another great read when I am surrounded by coffee cups, blankets, pillow,s and a don’t you even dare interrupt me vibe I throw out into the universe lol. And if a book is bad I still have to finish it. I think that is part of the reason I was inspired to start writing myself. I figure if people can put this stuff out there than my work stands a chance. Lol we’ll see though. Until that day comes I will review for all my favorites. I don’t really like to give bad reviews, but I do however review the ones that really like. So that is what brings me here today. Melody Anne. I finished a few of her books recently, but I am going to review the first one of the series Surrender.

 Yet another great Male character. (Standing Ovation) to Melody Anne for Executing another form of Male perfection. I now have a new Book boyfriend! Man… Such a whore I know lol. This amazing piece of male book meat is both strong, Arrogant, sexy as fuck, Domineering, and seducing. Rafe Palazzo is another sexy business mogul who is set out to seek his revenge on all women for the wrong doing of his ex-wife. A long the way and many mistresses later there was Ari Harlow. How I like to think of her is as his saving grace. She was everything he thought that never existed and she was out to prove him wrong. This book has its ups and downs and take you on yet another emotional roller coaster ride and is completely worth it!!! While Ari cares for her sick mother she was forced to give up on school for the time being and work in order to take care of her mom. She applied for what seemed to be a great job opportunity and was soon confronted with a wolf in a suite disguised as a business man.  He soon offers her something that she can’t seem to turn down. Ari is a fire cracker. She has so much spirit in her and I can kind of see myself in her at some points. Maybe that’s why I am so drawn to this book. One thing I have to admit unless you were able to have the instant gratification of being able to download the next book, I see where your frustration lies. Fortunately for me I just discovered these gems recently and lucky for me again the rest of the books were just a click away.

The first book is a bit of a struggle. Rafe and Ari are fighting at what we all know is eventually going to happen. But it is the journey Melody takes us on to get us there. Every great love has its story. Melody, I think takes little pleasures in knowing we will chucking a pillow across the room out of pure frustration, of being left hanging and wondering at the end of each book. While she sits there like Mr. Burns from the Simpson's with an evil smug grin on her face, HA got them again (Muah ha ha ha) my version of her evil laugh.

 Well Melody you win. I was quite easily lured into your romantically addicting trap! Congratulations!  I surrendered to Surrender and I am now addicted. I am currently reading Scorched but want to make sure that I review each book as they all deserve equal recognition! As every book is not for everyone, this book was defiantly written for me. I have given this book 5 stars. Very well written!

Stay tuned for more reviews to come. Thank you to my followers and those who share the same O.C.R.D. Obsessive Compulsive Reading Disorder as I do=)



If you are interested in reading the rest of her books in this series here they are in Order.
BK #1 -Surrender
#2- Submit

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