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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Something to Look Forward to.

So as I mentioned before in my last post, I will be turning this into my permanent book review blog. I will be giving a few previews as to the books I will be reviewing. Recently I had two books gifted to me by the authors and I will be reviewing either one or both depending on the out come. I don't really like giving bad reviews so if I don't like something I just won't review it. I have the up most respect for authors and their writing. I understand what they go through to write and put their work out there. I will in no way be putting their hard work down. Just because it may not be my cup of tea doesn't mean I want to bash people on my blog. As My mom use to tell me if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all. LOL. Good so you get it now. Also if you don't see your book on here and you know I have already read them, it's only because I just started doing this. I will also be reviewing on previous books I have already read. I have so many favorites reads. I will be listing my favorite authors and must reads as well. Please if you have anything bad to say about authors I am listing I want to ask you now to please DO NOT do so on my blog!! NO Debbie downers!! 



These two were recently so kindly gifted to me. Although right now I am just finishing up the Series Surrender by Melody Anne. I however have a list of books to read through, but because theses were gifted I will be giving them priority.=)

Current Reads

Just wanted to give a preview of what is to come. Thank you to those of you who are starting to follow me. I hope you enjoy, as well as find my reviews helpful and will take into consideration for your future reads. Feel free to fallow me on:


I love to talk to my fellow book lovers/Smut readers. There is no better feeling than connecting with someone who enjoys the same addictions as you! Have a Fabulously steamy weekend Smut readers and stay tuned!



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