Monday, March 25, 2013

  So bare with me as I am a first time blogger this will be my cherry popper! Sitting here reading all these blogs trying to get some perspective on what this world is all about (the blogger world that is).

The thing you will learn about me is that I will always bring up coffee in everything almost everything that I write about. Coffee is my oxygen and without coffee I am no good. I am in love with the smell, the taste the sounds it makes while brewing. Coffee is like my own personal brand of heroin. Anyone who ever watched twilight knows where I took that line from=)  My Fiance tells me its a drug because its a stimulant well its legal so until it becomes illegal I better stock up on it whilst I can! I know I should cut back but I really don't want to even if my doctor did tell me to cut back as well. What  the hell does she know any how lol.  There to many amazing things about it to give it up #1 I can't function without it #2 It makes me a happy person#3 I am a more productive worker with it. I  have this cute sign that sits on my desk at work that I love and is very true!

The other morning I woke up in a pissy mood shocker there I don't do mornings! My Fiance took notice to my mood I guess I was putting out the bad mood vibes not really sure because I wasn't even talking. I hopped into the shower and then I heard the door opening thinking it was my daughter I shouted " Keep the door closed its freezing!" She always comes in uses the bathroom and then will leave the door open. Drives me crazy! All I heard was the sound of a cup being set down then the door being locked and then shut. What in the heck I look out and my hubby was kind enough to make me coffee. I couldn't help but laugh man was I really in that bad of a mood that morning. That was not something he normally did for me so I guess I was projecting some bad mood vibes that morning. Got to love him.
  Today we were watching TV and they were making coffee. I was telling the hubby man that looks amazing right now. He shoots me this look and tells me "Woman you have a problem you have a damn cup just made in your hand."  Its not a problem its a passion!

So as I said at the beginning please bare with me this is my first time blogging. Everyone has to start some where and as someone who wishes to write a book I thought I should start out by doing something like this. I hope my fellow coffee lovers appreciates this and will share there little coffee stories with me as well=)


Everything is inspiring every lyric
every spoken word. With every sip of coffee and lyric that spills out of my radio i am inspired to write! I Close my eyes and let the words dance and arrange in my head, then to finally put my sword to paper and let my story come together. Something inside of me tells me this is exactly what i was suppose to do in life. Heart felt ideas overflows on to the paper in front of me. To hopefully one day be read and inspire another soul only to put their thoughts on paper and inspire another. Let your heart open, let the words flow, let your pen be your sword and your paper your dragon. Concore your dreams one word at a time!

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