Day 15 Fitness update

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day 15 Fitness Update!!

So although this may seem pretty silly to others I find this a helpful tool towards my goal. Today is only day 15, but my body is starting to feel the difference. So far I am working out 5 days a week. Now not everyone has to start out this way but I am currently unemployed as of two weeks ago so now I have nothing but time and they have a child care at the gym. Not only do I get to work out but my kid gets play time its a win win for the both of us. As far as my diet I have stepped up on my veggies and trying to back off on the carbs. Morning times I am either doing a Slimfast shake or egg whites and add some veggies. I am not cooking with butter either I will use a little bit of olive oil. The majority off cooking I do if I can not use my George Forman that is I will use the olive oil. I don't drink any soda I only drink water, Crystal light juice no sugar no calories and coffee. I refuse to give up coffee LOL not negotiable!! Always remember calories in calories out is the key! Now as far as those big girl panties I am slightly putting them on lol I have finally convinced my fiance to take a class with me so we are going to do a Spin class tomorrow. Please pray I don't pass out and die lol.

What is the worst thing that can happen to a person when working out. We might possibly feel better about our selves physically, and emotionally. The pounds may not be melting off right now but I have lost some inches and I am feeling amazing and more productive. I am sleeping better at night and waking up feeling refreshed for the first time in well ever really. Even the last time I went on my health kick I can't remember waking up feeling like this. I have only lost 5lbs so far but I am gaining a lot of muscle and my tummy is starting to go down. I should be at my goal by summer time. My ultimate goal is to be a 115 so I know I have a lot more to go from here! I am hoping to loose 15lbs by next month so wish me luck and thank you for listening to me=0) Until next week=)

Work out play list currently listenting to some early 90's hip hop Like Salt N Pepa

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