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Friday, May 3, 2013

Teaching our kids while they are young!


Let me start off with saying I am not here to push religion onto anyone!! I am only going to say that I personally believe that it is important to have some sort of belief system. What struck this conversation today is something small. My little girls fish died today. We have had “ Buddy” the fish for a year now. I knew he had died but not quite sure what to do with him yet because this gold fish had become quite large. Way to big to flush! So his tale is kind of hanging out of the pink castle we have in the tank. So she walks up to the tank today and says mommy I don't want Buddy to die. Well it was that obvious I couldn't just say he was napping #1 I don't want to lie to her when she clearly knows the truth and I want her to trust me enough to know I will always tell her the truth # 2 read number one again!

Some parents may have chosen the other route and told their child he was napping. But I couldn't lie to her not when she already new in her heart what had happened! She ran to me and cried mommy I don't want him to die why did he die? Trying to stay strong and not let her see me tearing up as well I took in a deep breath and said to her honey everyone does not live forever it was his time to be with God. God has taken buddy and he is now his fish angel. I let her cry it out while holding her and rubbing her back. Then she asked if I could make her a tent in the kitchen. Of course I did and she then took a small cup and put some flowers in it and set it on the outside the tent and said mommy this is for Buddy. Once she was inside she asked me mom will god take care of him can you ask him to take care of Buddy. Heart breaking! I told her honey he was your fish maybe you should ask him. So she asked me how to pray. Since she was in such a small kitchen tent I showed her how to kneel on her knees put her hands together and close her eyes and talk to god he will hear you. So she did. She didn't want me to watch so I stepped away then peeked in anyways. What parent wouldn't take a peek. She opens her eyes and looks out at me mommy did I do it right? I said to her yes honey you did it perfectly!

I was baptized Catholic but do not go to church every week, but that does not mean I don't believe in god or faith. I think it is so important to teach our kids as long as you have faith and believe everything will be ok! My daughter and I both say prayers before eating. She always asks me mom how did you know what to say? I tell her its important to thank god for everything he has given us. Now for those who may not believe in god like I do you can't say your not thankful for the things and opportunities that you have been given whether you thinks its luck or what ever you are thankful none the less and that is all I am trying to do teach my daughter right from wrong, how to be thankful, and everything happens for a reason.

There are so many things in this world that we not be able to teach our children somethings they must learn on their own, but we can teach them how to believe and to think positive and teach them to be honest. When they have children one day we can only hope they will raise their babies right why not give them some good examples. We as parents may not be perfect all the time we are still human and as long as we are alive we will continue to make mistakes. As long as we learn from them then we are not doing to bad. As I tell my daughter I will tell you we all make mistakes but as long as you learn from them and don't repeat them your ok!


Just food for thought! If your child finds themselves in a situation later in life who would you rather them turn to God or something that may not be a better choice. Teach our childern to make good life choices and as parents lets try and lead as an example!

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