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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I am not into all that gossip magazine or could even tell you anything really about any celebs. Who's dating whom or anything like that. My teenage sister comes out to stay the weekend with me and we put on MTV. Typical right lol I remember when I was younger watching that. But of course when I was growing up it was all music now its nothing like that. Anyways I don't want to get off topic. She puts on this show Cat Fish I believe it's called and all these people reaching out for love. Love is essentially what we are all looking for whether it is to find love in a partner someone to live out our lives with or a friend. Everyone needs love in some form. Am I right? We just don't feel complete. It could be a parents love, a friend a child or for some the love of their pet! But the thing is going on TV Should tell you first this isn't going to work out!! I am sorry for everyone routing for their favorite celebrities marriage to work out. Hey I have to admit I admired Faith Hill and Time McGraw did that  pan out for years yes, but everything you see on TV doesn't last.  If you have to go onto a TV show because He or she can't be convinced to meet you in person honey why would you want to force that. If they love you they will be willing to meet you on their own terms or when you ask them yourselves! You shouldn't have to force love. It broke my heart watching all these people going on there just to be disappointed and heartbroken. I know shows like this its not all real but is derives from the truth in some form. Although those guys hosting the show are wonderful as well an portray to have peoples best interest  in mind. Dirt sales you should know by contacting shows like this whether it be this or something similar your setting yourself up for failure.  I don't want to come across as a bad person I really don't or the person raining on your parade.  Please don't even get me started on the show Teen Mom. Never Seen it my other sister is obsessed , but I think it is a horrible idea and should not encourage young adults that hey I made piss poor decisions its ok someone else will clean up my SH*&! Or hey I will just make a bad choice in life and have it aired on TV for the whole world to see and drag my family through hell as well.. YIKES What is going on in this world???

But please the online world connecting with others I know people are going to continue and if done right its fine. But if it has to be forced and the person keeps coming up with excuses not to meet you or you have any inclination that this person is hiding something from you. Listen to your gut because guess what there is a huge chance that they are! Don't embarrass yourself and have something aired for the world to see that you know deep down is already going to happen. There is someone out there for you that doesn't need to be forced to be with you they will want to willingly spend time with you and be open and honest with you..

Well there I said my peace. Take it as you will I hope it helps someone. People may get upset by what I have said, but guess what that's life and sometimes the truth stings. But we take it and grow from it. I know I have plenty of life's truths thrown at me and it still stings, but we grow and learn everyday. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger!


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