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Saturday, April 6, 2013

As for me a mom of 1 life gets pretty hectic. I seriously bow down to those Mommy’s out there with more then one child. I don't know how you manage I would be bald by now from yanking out all my hair. To think I want to add to our chaos and have another baby. My daughter is now 5 years old and is very independent so I suppose it wouldn't be that bad. She is starting kindergarten so I'm not sure if I'm ready to start over with diaper changing quite yet. I have gotten a little selfish with my time lately. My time is split between working, daughter, fiance, housekeeping, and trying to write.

As a woman multitasking is a gift from God he was so kind enough to bestow upon us. For me I am a slacker I'm so pooped during the week I leave what I can for the weekends. My kitchen has to stay clean I live in a small apartment and cooking one night looks like a weeks worth of dishes.

So here is the thing. I don't know what the big secret is that I am not being let in on, but how in the hell do moms mange a social life? I can't just leave my kid with just anyone. I see so many moms out there clubbing still and getting trashed with their friends and posting picture on facebook all the time. Why is it that you can manage to get out that often who is raising your children or child? Wednesday through Saturday night I see you guys partying every weekend. I try not to judge, but some people make it hard not to ask questions. Who is tucking your baby in at night?

After I had my daughter I was told by some close friends how many friends they lost once they had their children. I guess I didn't think to much about that until I had my kid. Man was that true once you are no longer able to just go out when ever you want to. Life doesn't stop for us while we are trying to have a family. I get text or calls saying hey lets hit San Francisco tonight or San Jose. Where exactly do you suppose I pull this sitter from my A**?? Not only that I am 29 and some of my friends are slightly older which leads to another question how old is to old to be clubbing? I don't live as close to my family as I wish I could so maybe that is where my problem lies. I don't have my family at my beckon call to watch my kid when ever we want to go out. Even if I do get a sitter it is normally one person that I trust and I have to pick my little girl up by 10 in the morning. So I can't necessarily go out and get tanked and still be alive enough to pick up my kid in the morning.

So I am slowly coming to grips with that I am content being alone. I do get together with some friends from time to time, but it is typically places respectable enough to bring my daughter with me. So I have a few people telling me that its a issue I need to get over. I work my ass off all week and hardly get quality time with my family so excuse me if I don't want to go out and party with out them. Please everyone let me know if I am the one with the issues here. Don't get me wrong I love the idea of being able to go out with my girls. I have even done just that. But I feel like I am losing interest in what some of them are talking about. I am slowly becoming a hermit that doesn't want to social outside of her family and work. Please Moms out there give me some advice on how to keep social and maintaing friendships while leading a busy life. I am very grateful for the handful of friends I do have that understand or just love me enough to know I am a mommy now and I have responsibilities. It is harder and harder to relate to anyone anymore. I know I must sound pathetic but it is what it is. Any advice would be helpful!

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