Family's and staying health together!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Staying healthy as a family.

        If you were to look up my name in the dictionary it may say a few things like: Couch potato, and Lazy book worm. I always get on these fitness kicks then a short time after its like I never even did anything. I started out at 200 lbs after I had my daughter. I decided that I could not live that way. I kicked ass and got into the 130's I even stayed in that range for a while. Of course I was still not satisfied with myself. Then I started working for a new company after taking a break for a little while. The one thing I loath about working is the junk food. I am so glad patients appreciate us and love us enough to take the time to bake us goodies but it kills me every time. You think oh I can have just one that wont kill me or I deserve this or what I am famous for I am about to start my period I need this chocolate! At my fiance's work he goes in everyday to a buffet I kid you not Donuts, bagels, pastries everything you could possibly think of. Now if we could only get people to cater healthy food to our companies that would be even more amazing!

After I started working again I am now almost reaching my two year mark and also up almost 30lbs. YIKES!! I can't believe I have let myself get this lazy again. Lucky for the hubby he is very tall and his weight doesn't even look bad on him. Men also loose weight so much faster than women just a proven fact. I hate them for that LOL. Women especially women who have had children have to work so much harder. It isn't just about working out I think we all know that by now. So let me stop real fast I am no way shape or form a fitness instructor I am basing mostly everything off of experience. What we eat what we take in is a huge contribution to why we weigh so much. To test that theory I started out changing my eating habits before jumping into working out. I started out but eating Lean Cuisines and drinking slim fast in the morning. I work full time and have a child to get ready in the morning I don't have time to be Betty Crocker in the morning. So I grab a shake ( Slim fast). I also stop drinking soda. The weight just started coming off. But after so long you need to add in the work out. I did and I was doing great for a while at least. Then my laziness kicked in.

    So It looks like I am going to start on my health kick again, but we are now doing it as a family. Family's that play together stay together. So as a family we are trying to do more things as a unit. So recently we joined the newest 24 hr fitness it is now considered a super sport club. AMAZING wow just wow it has everything! I am so juiced to start classes there. Although I wish I had a work out buddy to do classes with I am going to have to woman up and put on those big girl panties and just do it! My fiance it sticking to lifting and cardio. So those we can do together, but you wont catch him doing Turbo kick or Zumba with me lol. The best part about it is we don't have to search for a sitter. They have a well trained certified kids club there. My best friend who also works for one was telling me all the hoops they have to go through to work there with the background checks and becoming CPR certified. That made me and the hubby that much more comfortable leaving her there to play. Listen to me I swear I don't work for one. I just love to promote things that make me happy and make life easier. Today was my first time there at this club and it was amazing. I admit it can get a little pricy, but with our budgeting and the fact we don't really do to much and don't have cable it allows us to do this.

I figured if I write about this to an audience I would be more inspired to keep up with my workouts and fitness goals and let you know how it goes. This will give me more of a push because now I have gone public with it! Just so you know as of today I am 160lbs and 5”2 so you know for us short folks we just get wide not so cute so I am in trim down mode. Also I am getting married in September so we are trying to look good for that as well as just trying to stay healthy.

      So here is to the beginning of my workout journal and letting my readers know my progress. I encourage other women to do the same I would love to talk to anyone else who is trying to feel better about them selves again. Lets be each others inspiration and motivation!! God knows I need it as well no one is strong all of the time that is why us women should have someone we can go to for support and if you already do that’s amazing, if not we can always chat and encourage each other and build one another up!


(Putting on my big girl panties one leg at a time.)

P.s. What type of music gets you going for your workout? Lets share play lists. Right now I am in fighter mode so rock is what is pushing me through. I am currently listening to Avenge Sevendold.

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