Release Day Post for Destined For Him By: B.D. Harrison

Friday, May 26, 2017

This is the book blurb, link to Kindle and Good Read's link (the paperback will be coming soon):

Are you looking for a new alpha male book boyfriend to dominate your thoughts? Then hold on to your panties, you are about to be swept into Charlie Grant's vortex!!!

When Isabella Travis walks in on her cheating boyfriend, it sums up the rubbish luck the young chef has been having lately. When she leaves to attend her father’s funeral in the highlands of Scotland, it should have provided the perfect opportunity for some much needed time to reassess her life. However, she wasn’t prepared to meet the force of nature that was Dr Charles Grant, Laird of the Ballindorach estate who sweeps into her life unexpectedly and won't take no for an answer.

Her fail safe technique of burying her head in the sand and trying to ignore sticky situations won’t work this time; her life is changed forever. Not used to having such a dominant alpha waltzing in and making decisions about her and for her, Isabella finds herself in a constant battle of wills.
Skeletons from Charlie's past and present threaten to derail the new relationship, but how much will Isabella take? Can they get past the fact that they come from two very different worlds and make their relationship work outside the bedroom?

This book is approximately 82,000 words and is the first of a series of two books.

Warning; intended for adults over 18 due to the explicit sexual content. 

Let me know if you need anything else.

Many thanks

Becky xoxo

B.D. Harrison

Pending Review. I was gifted an ARC, but the review will be posted on, or before next Thursday June 1st,2017.



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