Falling Into The Black by Lauren Runow

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

 Lauren Runow has a knack for writing these steamy taboo books. She makes you think hmm... I wonder if places like this really do exist, and are there any where I live? LOL- J/k well maybe. This riveting story will be keeping you turning the pages, and holding onto the edge of your seat whilst you hold your legs open, facing a fan to keep your lady bits from overheating. (I highly recommend the fan.) Also, don't read this at work. You won't be able to focus the rest of your day. Not that I did that or anything...

Falling into The Black is a spinoff from one of my personal favorites Black Widow by the real Lauren Runow. Now you don't need to read that first, BUT I would recommend it. The characters/Protagonists that are in B.W. are sprinkled throughout Falling into The Black. There are places and conversations in this book that are referenced from B.W.  Now I am not saying you half to. That is up to you, but coming from a person who has read both I would. TRUST ME WHEN I SAY You- Won't- Regret- It!!!! I highly suggest reading them back to back!! SO DAMN HOT!!!

 I ‘d like to introduce you to my spirt animal Evangeline aka Angie Smith. You'll have to read this steaming hot tamale of a book to find out why she changes her name. Don't you just hate when people do that shit? (insert evil laugh)

(Sorry for my silly analogy. Please bear with me.)
 Angie, well she's a like a cat. Cats are those animals who only want your attention when they want it, and then demand it, or better yet tease you with it.  Damn sexy little minx. They'll test out the waters then quickly pull back if they feel like you're coming on to strongly. Angie is a confident, independent, and a openly flirtatious woman. There is always a certain complexity about women that draw men in and make them want to figure us out and pursue us. Angie is that complex protagonist that has men of all kinds wanting to know her. Especially two very mouth wateringly sexy men that hide behind masks. They can't help but fall over their feet to try. She's had a troubled past filled by pain and lies that few of us women would come out from standing upright. I admire Angie for her strength and courage to go on after what she has been through. Lauren created Angie's character very thoroughly with lots of heart and care putting her in a very realistic everyday situation. Lauren has made this character so real for me, making it so easy to transport myself into the story and into Angie's shoes. We all know that few people could ever come out of something so painful without hitting rock bottom. For someone people the only way to move forward is to start fresh somewhere we aren't constantly reminded of our past.  An somewhere that her past wouldn’t think to look for her.

 I am a true believer in everything happens for a reason. Her running from her past has led her to exactly where she needed to be. Instead of falling down the rabbit hole she picks up begins to start over. Angie has experienced love once before and it didn't seem to turn out all hearts and flowers.  So, washing her hands of relationships and all things that follow, she decides that sex with no strings attached is much more appealing. It allowed her to guard her heart, and her past. Until her boss and friend Kamii and Kamii’s husband Preston asked her for a favor she couldn't refuse. Pssst- (Kamii and Preston are the protagonist from Black Widow)

 A chance at working in an underground sex club sounded exactly like something Angie would be interested in. She could do her friend a favor whilst feeding into her own needs and desires as well. Angie was so stoked at the idea. I love how open-minded Lauren made Angie. I find it hard to like a character(s) in a book when you know eventually they give into whatever it maybe they are holding back from, but they play this push and pull game for way to long. That is surely not the case with Falling into The Black.  I sometimes wonder hmm... Lauren, how did you construct this story so perfectly??? So where did you meet your husband? Hmmm??? LOL
(She knows I'm playing and that I love her so don't worry). The problem with doing the sex and no strings thing is it always ends up being more at some point. Whether it is the girl falling for the boy, or the boy falling for the girl. It really starts to become convoluted when both parties start to feel things that were never meant to be felt. I love this writer’s kinky mind!!!!  The club ensures confidentiality to their clients when they become members. So, the rules at Club Bridge are that no real names can be used, and you must wear a mask to conceal your identity.  But what happens when the masks are off and identities are discovered? What happens when your secret life crosses over into your everyday life? This is something that Lauren Runow has perfected when writing Falling into The Black.

Secrets are revealed, pasts are confronted, and feelings become confusing. Angie goes to the club and finds her fantasies have come to life and sees them unfolding before her. Looking around she realizes how overwhelming it can be taking in everything she is seeing all at once for the first time. I swear I became so engrossed into the story I felt like my senses became heightened, my heart would start racing, and at certain points of the book, I had to put it down to fan myself from the steamy scenes that were unfolding before me. Then go hunt down my husband and attack him. That’s something that I love about Lauren’s books. You always feel like you are really going through, or feeling exactly what the protagonist is feeling. She really has a way of pulling you into the characters world without you realizing it even happened. Which makes for very hot nights for your husbands, boyfriends, or batter operated boyfriends ladies!! The idea that places like that could possibly exist MIND BLOWING!

 Lauren dose just that with Falling into The Black. She has you questioning are places like this real? Along with a million other questions you yearn to have answered by her. Lauren Runow is so amazing with the detail she pours into her stories, you begin to wonder how is she able to write this book so well? So, I ask you if you are reading this the real Lauren Runow, how do you write these stories so well? Is there something you would like to share with your readers? I mean these are too good not have some sort of inside information to this world. I suppose she wouldn’t want to share. That’s what makes authors like her so incredible at their craft. Even though they say write what you know… I won’t press it. =) She has yet again written another spellbinding book I won’t be able to stop thinking about!

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Lauren Runow is the author of multiple Adult Contemporary Romance novels, some more dirty than others. When Lauren isn't writing, you'll find her listening to music, at her local CrossFit, reading, or at the baseball field with her boys. Her only vice is coffee, and she swears it makes her a better mom! Lauren is a graduate from the Academy of Art in San Francisco and is the founder and co-owner of the community magazine she and her husband publish. She lives in Northern California with her husband and two sons.

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