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Friday, May 19, 2017

Good Afternoon to all of you that tune in. Last night was the first time since last August that I hopped on my computer, and sat down to write on my blog. Man it was invigorating! I miss this. Reaching out and sharing my thoughts and love for books with like minded folks. The book I reviewed yesterday was a new release by J.L. Drake Devil's Reach book #1 Trigger. I don't want to go on more than I already have, but WOW! If you love MC books as much as me you don't want to miss out on that one.

Anywhoo... I didn't come on here to post a 2nd review. I wanted to share with you that this year I started my first book club. ME! Sure I post reviews and interact with like minded book nuts online all the time, but that's easy. I am sitting behind a computer typing. I am not sitting in a room being forced to interact with people I have never met before, and try to discuss my love and passion for reading, without them looking at me like I am some circus freak. I was so nervous that first meeting. I was shaking as if I was getting ready to go on a date with someone I had never met before. When in reality that was precisely what I was doing except, it was with 7 other women from my community I found in a mom's group on Facebook. An introverts worse nightmare come to life. FORCED INTERACTION WITH PEOPLE I NEVER MET!


Fast forward from January to now it isn't so bad anymore. We have just started our 2nd reading list. I have reached out to our first book's author Jason McIntyre author of "On The Gathering Storm", and he has agreed to do a Skype interview with my club at the end of June. I am beyond stoked!! This will be my first interview with an author. (insert girly screams here) 
So I was thinking that besides reviews I can also give book club updates and recommendations from my group to others. Share reading lists and post reviews from my whole group. I would love to hear from other Admins of book clubs and swap lists, idea, or maybe even collaborate on one big review. One of my goals is to contact other authors who would be interested with doing interviews with our little group. Well that is my update for now. I will post our reading list below and the link to my group "Santa Cruz's Sisterhood of The Traveling Book Club" Below. Happy Reading and I look forward to more book talk <3 

June's Special Author Interview
with author Jason McIntyre June 23rd, 2017

Click here for --->Jason McIntyre Author Page to discover more of his books that he has written.



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