Love Hurts

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

So It's taken me a few days , but here it is. This has been the biggest fucking book hangover I have had in god knows how long. I am beyond grateful for Author Mandi Beck for my ARC!! Deacon Love is my new book boyfriend fuck that Husband!! Hemy Is just going to have to understand that a woman has needs and I need more of Deacon fucking Love in my life! Deacon is every bit Alpha male. You know that feeling after having really amazing sex and lying there completely out of breath staring at the ceiling thinking god I needed that? Well I didn't know just how bad I needed that book. It was everything you can ask for out of a book. Great Alpha Male, Beautiful and strong heroin, out of this world sex scenes, drama, heart ache, and one hell of a book hangover to add. Deacons love for Frankie will forever live in me much longer than the book was. I have read thousands of books and each one has touched me in a special way and Love Hurts has made it self at home with those books that will forever be remembered. Mandi Beck  never skips a beat with the excitement and fire that you feel from reading this. There is never a dull moment. Deacon ohhhh Deacon Love I swear lol. Girls you can not go wrong with a great male and a MMA fighter alpha male at that. This amazing author has such a way of drawing you in and having you feel every emotions Frankie and Deacon feel for one another. HOT-STEAMY-SEXY-RAW PASSION!!  There is something so Primal about the way he feels for Frankie. Years there was only friendship with a secret love they both had, but never spoke on. No longer will he wait for his Princess he is ready to go to war for them even if she won't. There is nothing that can keep him from her any longer. Frankie belongs to him and always has and now he is going to make damn sure she knows. Deacon does and he does with such a way that no matter what type of woman you are there is no denying that mans advances. He is very forward and never shy's away from how he is feeling no matter how crass it may sound out loud it will always be extremely sexy coming from that mouth of his. Thank you Mandi for this book!! Ladies i swear please do yourself a favor and add this baby to your TBR right NOW!! I recommend this to everyone who wants to read an amazing book. Do not deny your self of Deacon you'll regret it if you do!

This is my 5 Star Review and highly recommended!



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