My 2015 Reading Challenge and status

Friday, January 9, 2015

Every year we all like to set goals, most people's goals include: Losing weight, Being a better me, Running a 5k and so on. Well mine some what falls into those categories. But I am not talking about your typical goals, I am talking about How many books I am going to read this year. So here is a short list of what is on my TBR today!

Reading Right now- It's going well so far. Although I have never been disappointed by Tillie Cole.


I am on a bit of a Tillie Cole high. So I am going to continue reading these two and add them to my collection of Tillie's Books. Tears Of Tess will be my very first Pepper Winters read. My Cherry popping book LOL

What I have completed so far

If there are any books you are curious about and I have not yet posted a review for, please feel free to message me! Well that is all for now. Time to pour me a glass of wine and continue reading Raze by Tillie Cole. Be sure to check out my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.