Wicked Innocence By: Missy Johnson

Friday, August 15, 2014

Wicked Innocence Review

Could a relationship that started out based on a lie work? Can her age keep him away from her? Miach was 17 and Saxton was 25
WARNING: Spoilers Inside!!

So this morning during my cup of steaming hot Joe I finished Wicked Innocence by Missy Johnson.   What started out slow finished out very nicely. Miach with an H.  Had been much older than her biological age of 17. She had been through hell with her mother's addictions and her brother's tragic death. Through her trials her survier instincts kicked in and she took control of what could have been a worse situation! Moving to LA with her new found independence and false ID, she started a new life for herself. Then one day she was auditioning for a band.  Not expecting to meet a man that would make her feel things she never knew existed. Saxton White former rock star. While Saxton thinks she is 21 he starts to slowly fall for Miach.

I am a sucker for hot stories! Although I was not happy about the age  and the fact that he was ok with it. I mean she was a minor for crying out loud! But all in all you can't really help it once you get into the book. What girl doesn't dream of one day meeting a sexy rock star, then falling flat on her face in love with him? Even More so when the feeling is mutual!

 This wasn't as hot of a read as my typical reads, BUT it was a cute story. I gave this book 3 stars.  I would recommend this story to the younger adults for sure.



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