Ladies one word,one name for tonight...Cade. WOW

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sorry It took soo long I Blame-

Sadly I have been working on two books this past week trying to push my way through like the little engine that could.  I was so excited to finish so that I could review them... That thought was very short lived!! Although I posted my not so great reviews on Goodreads, it was not blog worthy. So if you wanted to see my reviews on what i  said i would post in my "Whats to come blog" please fallow me on Goodreads or Booklikes. 

But tonight I was woken out of my nightmare of bad reads with something filled with just the right amount of adventure, steamy alpha male scenes, and excitement! FINALLY!!! For all you lovely readers that are like me with books knows what it is like. Have you ever just kept getting bad eggs then finally... Finlay get a good book then you sit there for 24 hours doing nothing but reading it to make up for lost time. Well that is me the stinky girl with the rats nest some may call hair, glasses, coffee cups, blankets, and a little don't EVEN mess with me while reading vibe.. Just a little one LOL

Well If you haven't had the pleasure yet let me introduce you to Cade... Ever bit dangerously alluring, Alpha male. YUM! 

If you haven't met Cade already let me introduce you to him. Although he is taken by Bayleigh. Lucky bitch. She is not your typical doey eyed helpless character either. I love her. She is strong independent and has everything going for her until fate throws her a mighty fine new neighbor. How the hell did she get so lucky lol.  Cade is working a case and it's his last case if he has any control over it. He is a lethal weapon with legs/ DEA agent. He was on a mission until a very sexy neighbor comes over in her barley pj's yelling at him for being so loud at the ass crack of dawn, as he is moving in. He was screwed from the moment he laid eyes on her. Cade wasn't looking for anything other than casual sex, but fate had other plans for him and Bayleigh. I really don't want to ruin anything more than what I have. But ladies this book has a great alpha male, and hot sex scenes. An well lets face it, we all look forward to the build up and then BOOM yes... AHHH greatness happens. I find it funny when they are describing what the female character is feeling. (My version lol "She can't speak left with nothing but what she is feeling for him at that very moment. Her breathing becomes gasps as he (insert your hot scenes here) and then she licks her lips before bringing him into....) You get the point lol you find yourself sitting there suddenly noticing your breathing increasing and licking your lips on Q. Liliana Hart really knows how to capture her readers that's for sure. I also read Dane a while back. She never disappoints.  For my full review see me on Goodreads ;)



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