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Friday, May 9, 2014

This post does not apply to everyone!!

 So I would like start off and say this is only because I need an outlet. I need to express how Disappointed and Disgusted I am with some of my fellow readers today. For those of you who love to read and love your Indie Authors the Way I do, I need to air a few things. If you take the time and listen I want to thank you. Also if you can encourage people to be kind to writers/Authors!! 
This afternoon I logged on to my Facebook and was faced with a great Indie Author who has been Threatened and bashed.  This is what was left in the Author's inbox:

( I deleted names. Don't need a name to make an example)

I don't know who the hell you think you are to send something like that to an Author! Do you have any idea what goes into writing a book??  How much of themselves they pour into creating something beautiful for us to read!! Do you know how much of their lives are sacrificed and neglected so that they can write? To people like the one in this email, do you comprehend what it takes to run a business? Do you understand that unless you put yourself out there and ADVERTISE your product or business you will get NO BUSINESS!
Writing a book is like any other person who owns their own business. You are self employed, you do your own MARKETING AND ADVERTISING!! So if She doesn't talk about her Other books how will the word get out there?? Do you think she can just excuse my mouth, but SHIT OUT BOOKS BY THE DOZEN and they will magically sale with no further efforts?
Maybe you didn't take into consideration when you wrote such an ignorant email that She was self employed and not a machine! Writing as you may know is an art. Just like anything else in the art world it takes time to perfect. It is not something you can rush through or spit out on demand. So please the next time you feel like being selfish and disrespectful think about what you are doing and saying before hand. Just like your mom should have told you: If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!
Love a very upset,

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