Souls Unfractured by Tillie Cole Review

Friday, November 6, 2015

I'd like to start off by saying that I know I am by no means consistent with my blog. I suffer from what's called Parenthood and a full time job. I do not always get to read as much as I would like, but when I do I always make sure to leave a review. So for those of you who take the time to read my silly posts, when I get the chance to blog I appreciate it!! Now you may continue to your regularly scheduled program ♡

A book hangover is like a breakup. When you both leave on good terms, but it's the memories we reminisce on like what was and what could be, is what hold our hearts captive.

 I know that I have said this before. But this is a very intense read and not for the faint of heart. That being said…

    Tillie Cole has a way of capturing the world's ugliest situations and turning them into something beautiful. One man's hell is a scared woman's quest to save him as he has done for her many of times. Flame's story will gut you from the inside and warm your heart over and over then leave you wanting for more. Josiah Cade who we know as Flame is a complex protagonist that in my opinion, is written to perfection. Tillie Cole is a author I admire and aspire to be like one day. She isn't someone who is afraid of taking risks with her characters. She writes about a subject that is most often to be considered a forbidden topic and many people are to scared to write about, only in a way that she knows how. To truly enjoy her writing like myself and many others I know have, you need to have an open mind and dare to read something that will challenge you as a reader. This story about Flame and Maddie takes you to the edge of your seat and elicits all of your emotions taking you on one hell of a ride.

 I adore Maddie. She is shy yet so strong and knows what she wants. She never sways from her mission to save Flame no matter what the challenge. This couple puts a whole new meaning to "For better or for worst" to a whole new level! There is no ugly in the world that they couldn't over come just to be together. Hell hath no fury when it comes to Flame being with his Maddie. I have to admit at some parts of the story it was a little hard to stomach the scenes. But you must feel as well as read some of the ugliest things that could be done to a person to truly understand the characters you are reading about. Flame and Maddie become so much more than characters that are written into a story they become two people that could quite possibly exist in this universe.

I know that some of my reviews don't give much meat and bones to the stories that I have read, but I don't like being the person that writes spoilers into their reviews. I do try my best to get you to want to read the book without giving away any of the best parts. Somethings are better experienced on your own or in your own way rather than through someone's review. If you haven't read any of Tillie Cole's books just know that you will not be disappointed . I hope you take my recommendation and pick yourself up a copy or download a copy of Souls Unfractured. I would like to chat with you more about this book. If you would like you can find me on Facebook ,Twitter, and Instagram I would love to talk to any fan of this woman's books or inquiring mind.

                                                              Annie. Xoxo

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