Thrust by Victoria Ashley Review

Sunday, April 12, 2015

I just want to start out with I am a Huge fan of Victoria’s. I have read all of her books and each one she writes is always better than the last.  I was completely taken in with Hemy, but then Get off on The Pain came out and I had the biggest book hangover after that.  But now she has blessed us all with Kyan and Hunter from Thrust. This was much different from the rest of her books. For one our female protagonist was having sex with multiple partners. WOW!!! Which was extremely hot. Even hotter that is was with two incredibly sexy brothers. But I have to say I was Team Kyan the entire time.

 Hunter to me was exactly as Calla remembered him the boy from high school. He was the playboy he had always been.  Still acted just as careless as he did then. But how amazing was it that she got to finally be with her high school crush! 

Victoria did a wonderful job writing this. I felt the situations that arose were much more realistic than most books. The whole ordeal that happened between Calla and her sister Chrissy had me in  tears.  Then  once Kyan came through oh boy I was done for! The more real something feels when I read it the harder I cry and I am a ugly loud cryer. My husband thinks I'm crazy and laughs when I am so enthralled in a book I turn completely bipolar. I'm bursting out laughing,  or crying my eyes out, or so pissed I have to put my book down and storm away to make myself another cup of coffee. Letting out plenty of curse words along the way. With this book I was a little bit of all 3. But isn't that what everyone loves about a great book? That we are able to feel so many different emotions while reading because really after the book is over that is what we sit and ponder on. The emotions are what linger on with with us far after the book is finished. Thank you Victoria Ashley for yet another book to add to my shelf dedicated just to you! 




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